STRESS HORMONES Each stress reaction triggers a hormonal response in the body. Adrenaline, which is responsible for activating fight or flight reaction in your body, skyrockets under acute stress. In chronic stress, the situation looks slightly different. The primary hormone here is cortisol and, depending on the length and intensity…

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The mitochondria are the ”the power stations” of our cells. By supplying energy to a cell they decide about its life and death. Yes, you read it correctly. Mitochondria determine when the cell dies. This is why our health, vitality, strength, and energy depend on the well functioning mitochondria. STRESSED…

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BEST TEAM EVER The mucosal immune system consists of nearly 2 kg of good bacteria and the cells of lymphoid follicles that are part of the great immune system. These bacteria, along with the healthy intestinal tissue form kind of a shield against extraneous pathogens making it difficult for them to…

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Detoxification entails cleansing the body from toxins that accumulate as a result of inadequate diet, especially processed foods rich in preservatives and other additives, prolonged intake of multiple medications (including painkillers) or the pollution of the environment in which we live to name but a few. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS),…

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Diet therapy @Resistenta


You are what you eat. Such a common truth. We all know about it. Right? FOR THE FUTURE Do you really realize that your ability to focus at work, your energy levels, physical well-being and even attitude to life and people around you depend on the quality of the ”fuel”…

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Herbal compositions have been used to treat exhaustion, burnout and chronic stress for centuries. What’s more, their effectiveness, calming and countervailing properties are proven by numerous scientific studies. Herbal infusions or supplements containing herbal extracts are very effective in alleviating emotional distress because not only do they help on the…

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Ear acupuncture also known as auriculotherapy is a therapy based on the physical stimulation of the auricle (hence the name) using regular acupuncture needles, needles of prolonged effect (small pins) or laser beam. It is a reflex therapy, which means that the stimulation of certain points on the surface of…

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Bioresonance therapy that uses a SWEEPER device is a combination of electromechanical resonance (two hand electrodes) and electromagnetic resonance (inductive loop). As a result, two types of therapies based on different frequencies can be used at the same time. SWEEPER SWEEPS IT ALL AWAY The device effectively helps to remove…

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