For 12 years I worked for large multinationals in Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany. I was a working mum of two who thought she managed everything just fine. Unfortunately, the reality turned out to be different. I experienced on my own skin what may happen if one lives in the fast line and under chronic stress.
In medicine, burnout is not classified as a disease entity. For that reason, in the best case scenario, people who suffer from it receive a referral for psychotherapy or a prescription for sedatives from their doctors. I was also offered such help. As I didn’t want to mask the symptoms with drugs, I decided to cope with what happened to me on my own.


So I began to look for information on how to deal with chronic stress and naturally treat burnout. Unfortunately, most forms of help which I found were limited to psychological therapy. Since I already experienced many of the symptoms and my functioning declined I wanted to find the cure as soon as possible. I also wanted to know the reasons that led me to such a condition, in order to eliminate them in a natural way instead of drowning them out with sedatives and painkillers. I wanted to know why all of a sudden, my pulse raised up to 120 beats per minute (norm: 60-80), why I couldn’t sleep at night, even though I was very tired, why the abdominal pain hit me at the least expected time. Not to mention the problems with concentration, chronic fatigue, feeling of derealization, tinnitus, frequent headaches, panic attacks … and so forth.
At that time a breakthrough in my professional and private life came. I decided to refocus professionally and since 2015 I’ve been earning additional qualifications and learning how to help people who are exposed to chronic stress and burnout.


I have an individual and holistic approach to every person I work with. I focus on both: psyche (through coaching) and body (through natural therapies). I completed the coaching course, and I am a certified naturopath. Having spent many years working in a demanding work environment and experiencing burnout myself, helped me to better understand the problem and thus be more effective.


‘Nothing happens without a reason’ – is one my favorite mottos. Even if at the time we do not understand why we experience negative states, I believe the fact that they come has a hidden meaning. If you ask yourself a question: ‘Can I prevent my burnout? ” the answer is ‘Yes’. If you already feel ‘burned out” remember that in most cases, this condition can mark the beginning of a change and could be your gateway to a happier and more fulfilling life. How? It’s simple, if it wasn’t for the burnout I experienced, you wouldn’t be reading these words right now…