Detoxification entails cleansing the body from toxins that accumulate as a result of inadequate diet, especially processed foods rich in preservatives and other additives, prolonged intake of multiple medications (including painkillers) or the pollution of the environment in which we live to name but a few. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), sick building syndrome (SBS) or multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) are ailments that affect a growing number of people.


Effective detoxification should consist of a liver cleansing and chelation of heavy metals. It should always be carried out as slowly and gently as possible. The administration of certain natural substances that have detoxification properties (e.g.: alpha lipoic acid with glutathione), a special diet to relieve the liver and herbal blends to support its cleanup bring the best effects. The antioxidants are also crucial as they neutralize free radicals which are formed during the process of detoxification. Such a holistic approach to therapy brings the best results and most importantly is safe. Restoring the gut microflora is a prerequisite for carrying out body detoxification.

Before carrying out the chelation therapy it is recommended to perform diagnostic tests to check the level of heavy metals in the body. These tests can be either lab tests (from blood) or from a piece of hair. I offer both in my practice.