Herbal compositions have been used to treat exhaustion, burnout and chronic stress for centuries. What’s more, their effectiveness, calming and countervailing properties are proven by numerous scientific studies.

Herbal infusions or supplements containing herbal extracts are very effective in alleviating emotional distress because not only do they help on the mental level but also soothe the neurovegetative symptoms associated with stress, like gastrointestinal ailments, increased heart rate, flushing or sweating.

It is also important to mention that the use of herbs to treat stress and exhaustion, shows fewer side effects compared to the allopathic drugs.


One of the best studied medicinal plants are St. John’s wort used, among others, against depression and Valerian whose sedative properties are especially helpful in treating sleeping disorders. Scientific studies confirm their efficiency which is comparable to the synthetic antidepressants.

Other also very effective ”anti-stress herbs” are the lemon balm, hops, passion flower, lavender, hawthorn or Siberian ginseng, to name just a few. In my practice, I prepare the composition for each person individually. My choice for herbs is based on a medical anamnesis and accompanying symptoms.