The aim of the first visit is to get to know you and your situation so that I can put the best therapy plan in place.

It usually takes about 2 hours, however, the first 20 minutes is completely non-binding, which means, you can change your mind, without the obligation to pay for the visit.


In order for me to put the best individual therapy plan, I need to gather as much information as possible about your situation. Therefore the first visit is divided into several parts:

  • Talk-interview about your symptoms, thoughts, needs, and goals related to your burnout and chronic stress
  • Differential diagnosis: medical, psychological, social, environmental and nutritional. I would like you to share with me your recent laboratory tests (if you have any).
  • Medical examination (abdominal and tongue diagnose according to Chinese medicine) and the recommendation for laboratory tests (blood, saliva or urine) depending on the indication.
  • Ear acupuncture along with the relaxing moxa therapy

Body and mind are one. I strongly believe that one can not heal the body without healing the mind at the same time. Therefore, all my natural therapies are always accompanied by coaching. I divide each visit into two parts, one when we focus on the body and second when we look after your psyche. The length of each part depends on your needs and the progress of the therapy.

The second visit takes place after approximately a week, and subsequent visits shall be determined depending on the choice of the therapy.

I also conduct online therapy, via Skype for instance. However, in this case, we primarily focus on coaching and I provide health-oriented consultation. We would waive of ear acupuncture, relaxation treatments, and bioresonce therapy.