Body and mind are one. I strongly believe that one can not heal the body without healing the mind at the same time. Therefore, all my natural therapies are always accompanied by coaching.


  • Identifying the causes of your burnout and conduct differential diagnosis (medical, psychological, vocational, social and environmental)
  • Determining the level of stress and the degree of burnout
  • Understanding your own burnout situation (IS state)
  • Setting the goal (TO BE state: where would you like to be?)
  • Agreeing on the strategy and choosing the means to achieve the goal
  • Working on motivation to treating the primary disease or burnout therapy, changing the diet, lifestyle or approach to stressful situations
  • Understanding the mechanism of your own response to stress (at the mind, body, and behavior level)
  • Becoming aware of the physical and mental stress symptoms
  • Working with your ”stress boosters” (e.g., beliefs, attitudes, patterns of behavior)
  • Managing consciously the stressors from outside
  • Working on self-esteem
  • Mobilizing the resources
  • Determining individual salutogenesis which is the ability to maintain your physical and mental health through learning how to become resistant to stressors and taking care of yourself throughout your lifetime