Autogenic training is a popular relaxation technique based on autosuggestion. This method is used by healthy people primarily to reduce stress and prevent burnout.

The autogenic training is best trained in groups under the guidance of an AT trainer during 6 to 8 weeks’ course. The AT trainer repeats simple, short sentences to influence the vegetative nervous system and regulate the functions of the individual organs.

The goal is to master the exercises so that the participants later, without any guidance from outside, can bring themselves to a state of relaxation.


According to Edmund Jacobson, Progressive muscle relaxation is a method in which a state of deep relaxation of the whole body is achieved by deliberate and conscious contractions and release of certain muscle groups. The aim of this method is to reduce the muscle tension to the normal level by improved body perception.

Progressive muscle relaxation is best learned in groups under the guidance of a PMR trainer during 6 to 8 weeks’ course. As with autogenic training, the goal is that the person learns how to achieve a state of a deep muscular relaxation wherever they want (also at the workplace) without any guidance from outside.