Research has proven that only a healthy employee will contribute to the success of a company. Healthy also means stress-free.

I spent many years working for the large multinational organisations in Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany where I had the opportunity to work with specialists and managers from around the world. Working in such a fast paced environment means that many employees at all levels suffer from stress and do not have the correct work-life balance.


The causes of stress are multidimensional and originate from one (or more) of the following areas:

  • Individual and private. The lack of knowledge or /and insufficient skills in dealing with stress can play a significant role. People are different personality types and hold beliefs such as ”be perfect!”, ”be strong!” which can make them more prone to burnout. Their private life and the current life and health situation are also of great importance.
  • Leaders (People Managers). Stress-resistant people managers should set a good example for their employees and provide the support in their daily work when needed. By doing so, it can reduce the likelihood of arising of many work-related stressors like too much /too little control, lack of fairness, lack of appreciation, low values, work-overload, weak team spirit.
  • Organisation. Activities offered within the corporate health management to the employees can help the employees reduce and cope with stress. Many employees enjoy the opportunity to participate in the relaxation courses, nutrition consultations or medical check-ups.


The topic of stress is critical in today’s society, and I help organisations to raise awareness about stress to their employees. My programme offers the following approach:

  • Workshops for specialists and managers on the subject ‘Stress management at the workplace’. Continue Reading >>
  • Individual anti-stress coaching sessions. Continue Reading >>
  • Relaxation courses like autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation (Jacobsen). Continue Reading >>